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Yarn Through Fingers


At Easter, I was taught to crochet by my mum. Although I have knitted before, crocheting was a whole new (sorry knitters out there but) better experience. Armed with the enthusiasm of learning something new, my first project was from ‘Crocheted Throws & Wraps‘ by Melody Griffiths. The design was wonderfully simple, squares were crocheted in the round, starting with a magic loop and consisted of two rounds. I have to admit, I didn’t completely stick with the pattern. I used a much thicker wool (extra chunky) and a smaller crochet hook than required to give a thicker blanket with less holes. I also doubled the amount of squares to make it bigger, and used 5 block colours rather than a yarn made of random shades of grey. Regardless of the changes, I heavily recommend this book, its wonderful and I can’t wait to try out more of the patterns.

But here is my finished blanket. I cant wait to have it in my marital home next year!