Monthly Archives: January 2012

(Belated) Resolutions


I’m hoping that putting this out there in the ether of the web will mean that I consciously try to uphold/fulfil these resolutions, but who knows whether this will be the case. I’m a serial procrastinator, constantly sticking my head in the sand when a sniff of deadlines comes my way, so my hope is faint. Here goes nothing …

1. Get healthy

a. Exercise: Eugh. I know it shouldn’t be, but its such a dirty word in my world. However, my love of food and baking seems to be increasing exponentially, and sadly, my weight is starting to as well.

b. Food: More of the ‘good n green’ and less of the ‘sticky toffee pudding cupcakes’*

2. Get married

Plans have already been set in motion to make the 14th July 2012 the best day of my life, and I believe in every list of resolutions there should be at least one which is easy peasy to cross off/complete.

3. Get at least a 2.ii in course

To some, this might seem easy, I congratulate you. I however, am not particularly enamoured by my course. I’m studying Mathematics, and although some of it is okay, the majority of it is… well… not.

4. Complete my PGCE application

See above. I really do need to send this off sooner rather than later :-/

5. Find a house!

Because me and MrM are getting married, we will need somewhere to reside (in Sheffield) for the two of us. It’s not proving easy.

6. Bible – get into a daily routine

I love reading the Bible when I’m in the right mood. Being in the right mood, although advantageous, shouldnt be the reason I read it though. The Bible gives life, it is God breathed. I should be reading it every day at the very least, not whenever I’m trying to procrastinate.

So there they are. What are your resolutions if you have them?



*If you’re not on a diet (even if you are – you need some treats), I heavily recommend these, and all the recipes I’ve tried, from the Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Days Book, absolutely heavenly.