Mini Mojito Cupcakes


Mini Mojito Cupcakes

So very tasty!


Fruit Tea Cupcakes


So, over the weekend I finally received my new icing nozzle, (designed to make a rose pattern) and here are the results:

Not bad for my first go!


(Belated) Resolutions


I’m hoping that putting this out there in the ether of the web will mean that I consciously try to uphold/fulfil these resolutions, but who knows whether this will be the case. I’m a serial procrastinator, constantly sticking my head in the sand when a sniff of deadlines comes my way, so my hope is faint. Here goes nothing …

1. Get healthy

a. Exercise: Eugh. I know it shouldn’t be, but its such a dirty word in my world. However, my love of food and baking seems to be increasing exponentially, and sadly, my weight is starting to as well.

b. Food: More of the ‘good n green’ and less of the ‘sticky toffee pudding cupcakes’*

2. Get married

Plans have already been set in motion to make the 14th July 2012 the best day of my life, and I believe in every list of resolutions there should be at least one which is easy peasy to cross off/complete.

3. Get at least a 2.ii in course

To some, this might seem easy, I congratulate you. I however, am not particularly enamoured by my course. I’m studying Mathematics, and although some of it is okay, the majority of it is… well… not.

4. Complete my PGCE application

See above. I really do need to send this off sooner rather than later :-/

5. Find a house!

Because me and MrM are getting married, we will need somewhere to reside (in Sheffield) for the two of us. It’s not proving easy.

6. Bible – get into a daily routine

I love reading the Bible when I’m in the right mood. Being in the right mood, although advantageous, shouldnt be the reason I read it though. The Bible gives life, it is God breathed. I should be reading it every day at the very least, not whenever I’m trying to procrastinate.

So there they are. What are your resolutions if you have them?



*If you’re not on a diet (even if you are – you need some treats), I heavily recommend these, and all the recipes I’ve tried, from the Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Days Book, absolutely heavenly.

Lack of a Routine


Woah. Almost a month since I posted here. Dont really know what to say. The truth I suppose?

Been feeling pretty low recently. Dont really want to go into it now. This blog isnt supposed to be, or going to be, angst filled!

That’s all.

Hopefully I’ll get back into a routine of writing.

The Beginning of the End (of living in Dorset)


I love gardens in the summer.  The promise of treading on soft springy grass, of food, picnics, parties and sunshine. The sounds of a gentle breeze through the trees, of bees working their way through the flowers.

I cant believe it’s November already. Where did the summer go?

That was my last summer living in Dorset, I’m going to miss you!

Yarn Through Fingers


At Easter, I was taught to crochet by my mum. Although I have knitted before, crocheting was a whole new (sorry knitters out there but) better experience. Armed with the enthusiasm of learning something new, my first project was from ‘Crocheted Throws & Wraps‘ by Melody Griffiths. The design was wonderfully simple, squares were crocheted in the round, starting with a magic loop and consisted of two rounds. I have to admit, I didn’t completely stick with the pattern. I used a much thicker wool (extra chunky) and a smaller crochet hook than required to give a thicker blanket with less holes. I also doubled the amount of squares to make it bigger, and used 5 block colours rather than a yarn made of random shades of grey. Regardless of the changes, I heavily recommend this book, its wonderful and I can’t wait to try out more of the patterns.

But here is my finished blanket. I cant wait to have it in my marital home next year!